What is Limbosis?

The perfect sound! I’ve heard so many times about looking for one. About out of reach quality hidden in brands and designs. There’s a different story with The Art, where creativity and persistence take over the money.

Abstrakt does not have cutting edge equipment, and so far, does not have Pivetta amplifiers (propably the most expensive amps in the world), however with Limbosis we have proved that it’s not a must to create something original. Out of nothing we have created kalimba. Total cost – 5PLN. Materials: piece of plank, grinded nails, two pieces of tinware, few bolts, few cm of wire, jack and tin. Good news – it can be created by you, without fancy equipment! This model has been constructed in Zakład in Poznan (great place by the way, thumbs up!). Behold of the beauty, there she is:



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