What is Limbosis #5

One of the most beautiful aspect of art is its suffusion. Initially Limbosis supposed to start with The Bus, opening the eyes, kidnapping and crazy journey through main character’s limitations. One day, however, one of the band members all excited jumped into our rehearsal room with the pictures of an extraordinary sculpture, which later on became our album’s cover. Crooked, cracked, blind, the sculpture was labelled by its creator as a failure, for us, however it was a perfect representation of the main character.

Apart from the album cover, Teratoma song is also an effect of the same source of inspiration. Before the main character is woken up, he dreams about a father who forms his son. Because the father has perverse idea of beauty, he mutilates him. Where the natural curves are, he sees angles, he rips off and cuts mismatched elements. Awakening at the bus stop sparked the changes, when the nameless has realised, how parents can influence child’s life. Realise but not shift the responsibility. In Limbosis everyone is responsible for their actions, regardless of their grounds. We would like to thank Beata Hudeczek again. And here you have a few original photos of the sculpture.

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