What is Limbosis #4

When the concept of an album was ready, looking for a relevant title for it has started. The right title it’s crucial for a concept album, because it’s also a (de)cipher key. Due to the fact that lyrics are ambiguous such key was a must, as we wanted to throw the listener in at the deep end. After hours of intense title-brainstorming, we have found a clue in Christian mythology. Limbo is a “hypothetical place based on the edge of hell, place for those who die in original sin”.

Hence it’s a state of lack of grace, in which these who died are in, regardless of their deeds. For us, the original sin is seen in genes and the way people are raised, which predispose us to behave in a certain way and put us in personal hell of constraints. And it’s a base of all excuses: “I act like this, because I am like that”, “I cannot do this, because I was taught otherwise”. If Limbo is a hell, then Limbosis (we made this word up) is a journey through it and getting out of it. It’s a painful process of overcoming weaknesses and broadening consciousness. A journey into the limitless state of mind, which gives unlimited possibilities.

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