#What is Limbosis 3

In the last article (read it here: http://abstraktband.com/pl/blog/) we have mentioned the plot of our debut concept album Limbosis. One of the newest reviews says: “There’s nothing else to do, but let yourself go into the gloomy story about hellish bus driver, who lured nameless main character, just like Joseph Conrad did to Charlie Marlow, into the journey to the heart of darkness, the darkest mind nooks and tries to overcome nameless man’s weaknesses.

One of the main character’s weaknesses are described by psychology as cognitive biases, which can lead to deviations from a standard or rationality. All of us are more or less influenced by them. In order to avoid discomfort or to simplify the world around us, we tend to justify our behaviour. Usually this happens automatically. Considering successes coming from personality traits and failures from external factors? You’ll find this topic in ie. Liars Symphony. Enjoy the ride!

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