What is Limbosis #2

Limbosis is a concept album. It was created in the way, where all its elements are complementing & penetrating each other. From the beginning to the end music, lyrics, trailers and visualisations make up a cohesive story of the main nameless character. His nightmares end, when he wakes up at bus stop bench, but the place itself is unfamiliar to him and he cannot tell the time either. Before he is able to piece together the cause and effect sequence, he got kidnapped by white-eyed bus driver. He is dragged through theatrically distorted stops, which appear to be his weaknesses and perception errors. During the recording we wondered how to intensify the listener experience. Quite by accident, while discussing album-related topics, we were introduced to binaural recording technique (3D Sound). The equipment looks like human ears and the sound is recorded in the way, that while listening to it with your headphones on(!), you get a feeling of being at the recording place. Thanks to Kondrad Kaliński courtesy, who lent us his 3Dio (pictures below), we were able to record sounds you can hear in Teratoma and The Journey (record on our web). Enjoy!






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