Limbosis review – 10/10!

What’s the risk of creating demanding and specific music? You should be aware there are some limitations and hidden dangers involved in the process. After listening 26 seconds of “that kind of music”, statistical person either bursts into laughter, bursts into tears, faints or becomes deaf and toughest local pigeons fly in panic. After one month, the area around rehearsal room resembles Chernobyl. Imagine then the damage done to your brain….

But still, people create “this kind of music”. What’s the reason behind it, what for? The answer is simple – for those people who after listening to the album, will groan with delight, their bodies will be attacked with goosebumps all over again and neurons will work at top gear. Ladies and gentlemen – LIMBOSIS received the highest note from Półka z Winylami! And the review saying “THE BEST PROGRESSIVE, DEBUT CONCEPT ALBUM OF THE LAST YEARS”! And yes, we live for moments like these! Grzegorz Bryk – thanks a million!
You can read the whole review “here”, however it’s in Polish only, so if you feel like learning this fantastic language or want to give Google Translate a try, please do so :)

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