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MAGAZYN GITARZYSTA / GUITARIST MAGAZINE – one of the biggest Polish music magazines – 10/10!


Give me the pliers
Throw me a scalpel
Thrust fast the hammer
I’ll rip out these spots
Streighten these curves
Annihilate all flaws

Your womb wasn’t good enough
To give anything of worth
Let me do the work
I’ll show you how it’s done
Tomorrow he shall bloom

Son go right away
Back to your room
You should rest a lot
Tomorrow we shall work
I’ll show you how to bloom

I’ll give him my brain
I’ll give him my name
State of the art.
All from my heart

I pay your bills
Pay for your thrills
You’re in my house
You’ll do what I want

I say jump
You ask how high
I say go
You start to run
I say don’t sing
You sing no more
I come home
You frisk around


I was walking bored
Just slowly among the trees
Each day the same
Fort the past few years
And then
Then I‘ve noticed her
That crimson red coat
It poked my eyes so brutally

and then
and then
and then

Hello my dear
What are you doing here
You‘re not from around this neighbourhood
I can tell
No dont’t be afraid
It’s a dangerous place
I just want to help

Let me
Aid you
In your quest

You came here all by yourself
What an amusing girl
A bag of goodies in your hand
It looks heavy let me carry it along the way

Maybe a sip of ethanol
Just for courage
Small one
Ah I see you are too young
Damn it
Don’t worry
We’ll manage somehow

Ow common
It will be fun
A lot
Of topics to talk

We are here all alone
No one else will come
We’re the only true soul
In a thousand miles

Laces untied
I’ll do it for ya
Sweet little feet
What where we talking about
Ankles strong white
Hips womanly wide
Hands soft small
Such slenderness

Two seperate distant roads
Now combined in one
I’ve never felt so alive
Who knows what might happen tonight

Ribbons on her thighs
Hair reflecting sun
A moisty surprice
Leaping for strong hands

Beautiful smile
What a joyfull child
Much strenght and resolve
Proud woman inside
Hiden in a young one
What a pity
And bad luck

I am your friend
So be
A nice and good girl
Sit on my lap
Better way to talk
You’ll feel safe
In a moment from now

That was mighty rude
Not at all
A nice thing to say
To such as myself
A peacefull calm man
I think you need
Some discipline

Come here
Come here
Come here


Take my hand son
One last lesson
Since the beginning of time
Strict rules apply

Each caring father teaches his son
The story of two brothers
So Kain killed Abel
Brought prosperity and joy
They filled their tummies
And covered their bodies

We are bound by these laws
Creator to son
For those who want to win the war
Others shall burn

You may think it to be harsh
Not right
Life sustains on food that’s all
You eat your strong

People suffer every day
The order
All of this may go to waste
Just expand a helpful hand

I see you bristle son
Daddy really tried
To oppose
Possible boy
Too many forces against my effort
It’s not all that bad though
I mean
There shall always be
Some sad
But what matters in the end
You shall have
All that you need

Do not try to question me boy
You’ve always sucked your mothers toes
I’d really wish you where more of a man
I can bet you’re not even mine

You insult my mind experience knowledge
How do you dare to offend your father
Do you remember your friendly neighbour
He perished before he could bloom

Stories like that multiply
By times we vocalized our minds
You’re angry and proud
All my blood
But that attitude won’t help at all

We are on this path my son
So carry the torch
Teach your own
Hundred of thousands tried to fight
Their names now deleted from cards of time
So young yet so smart my kin my heart
Still not touched by woman hands
But so so mature for his age
Daddy is proud yet again

So you are going for some water son
What are you


When I opened my eyes
Green bus arrived
Doors folded
Revieling only darkness
I came closer to see what‘s in
Then smoked emerged from it
Surrounded my knees
And dragged me in

I was sitting in the first row
With my seat belt
Tightly fastened on
I tried to move I tried to scream
When non of it
Did any good
I asked the driver:
What the hell is going on
I want to get out

But there was no anwser

The engine started

First stop my friend
Look through the window
Do you remember that time
When you shouted at that girl
She cried
Now she‘s afraid to talk to anyone

Now you must pay
The only price is death
That wall in front of us
Do you see it
Better say your prayers
Cos we are almost at light speed
And in a few seconds we shall be as paper sheet

You thought it‘ll be so easy
Forget about it
I was just messing with ya,
Let us continue shall we

Ok here we go
I like this one
Its about women
You dont remember
Not a problem at all
You‘ll soon understand
What it was

You have fucked their brains out
Polluting little minds
With your pitifull
Im so innocent stance
Drowning them in darwinian chains

Your joking right
That wasn‘t you
Don‘t worry we have plenty of time
Untill truth stops avoiding your eyes

And what about your son
A ship almost sank
By breastfeeding weakness and lies
I hope you‘re proud
You fucking pig
You poor imitation of human being

It’s good you’re having fun
Cos I’m having a ball
You want to redeem yourself
Everything to get out
Is that all

No my friend
We still have plenty of stops
To come by

5Bloody Mary!

Her face turned away
Focused on something else
Even on ribboned pounds of flesh
She still choosed to stay ignorant

And she played with her hair
Can you hear me
She ignored me as if I was a fucking disgrace / As if I was not even there

I tried so hard to calm down
Ease my nerves
But I only got angrier

And she played with her hair
Can you hear me
She ignored me as if I was a fucking disgrace/ As if I was not even there

And she played with her hair voilently
Do believe me
She ignored me as if I was a fucking disgrace/ She poked me she teased me
She was fucking insane

She played with her hair
Played with her hair
She played with her hair
Played with her hair
She played with her hair
Played with her hair

Your wessel is breaking
Tears almost flow
My tongue
Full of pure joy
I’ll dip it in them
And ask for more

You still ain‘t moved
That‘s quite enough
Show some respect as you should
And kneel to your master
Cos you ain’t so tough

You bitch
The line has been drawn
I don‘t even like you
Your arragance
Shall soon ricochet
In my laugh
You’ll see the truth

Right then
Like she didin‘t hear a word
She turned her back on me
My world
Turned from fucking red to blurred
A ticking train
Has reached its stage

All there was
Was red
Everywhere red
All around me red

Her blond serafin hair
Scattered all around me
They where everywhere
And her eyes
So beautiful and blue
Like the heaven touched them
Now two eye sockets
Hollow and swarming with abyssal darkness

Everyting is red
All around me red
Not a slice of her
Will ever dance again
Her skin is red
All around her red
Everything is

It’s all your fault!
You‘re the only one to blame
I did everything I could
To avoid this situation

I asked
I begged
I dropped on my knees

But everything I did
You spit on it
You sat on it
You threw it in my face


It‘s ticking
Hands shall collide
An omnipotent little spark
Followed by
Collateral mirror genesis
A sphere
Solid house to breathe

One more sequence
Injection almost done
Combinations locked in clocks
Can you hear it
Can you feel it
Clockhouse comes to life

Come outside and play
Rain will keep at bay
Come outside and play

Come outside and play
I shall hold your hand
Come outside and play


Stimulus response my friend
Bonds you could never break
Counciousness a pipe dream
Breaking fists
Yet now a glare from shard puzzle
Stuck near your sight

That‘s it
Mass awe
Won championships
Few kises from my first
When love was
Sugar juice
Glass half full

A bit of sandess
To add some bitterness
For simple balance
To make things sweeter

Just cause and effect
An idea perhaps
Bag for trinkets
A monument
In horizon gap
Where unbothered
Beside us wisdom
Waits to be caught

Come outside and play
Eyes will keep at bay
Come outside and play

Come outside and play
I shall hold my hand
Come outside and play

Let go

6Liars symphony

Ancient times
When corners of your eyes
Gave me all the consolation
Soothing commotion
Attacked my head

Just lines
On sand

Just lines
On sand

You where the beastmaster
Whip of can do
You conquered fighting lands
Feroucious citizens in a fighting stance
I would never guess
I’ll be your
In the end

We did rosy and peachy
Then few infected you
I burned
But ember thrived in me
I wanted to believe in you

It did no good
I almost burned up
But enlightment came
What I had to do
Repair your backbone
So you could walk once more

This time my dear
Instead of beer
You‘ll be given gasoline
Purest love
Purest love
Shall grasp your life
Your hearts
Squeeze them hard
Shake them
Till you understand

Treatment must be served
You should know
It‘s for you
For your own good

It’ll hurt me more
You must understand


Just a moment sir
Let me rest a bit
I shall just lay down
For a second here
In a moment I‘ll be fit

When was it
When I last sat down
I’ve earned my rest
I need no crown
You see
Others are resting too
Hey now Lucius
You are rather pale
What‘s that crimson red tattoo

Colors are sparkling from within
Music playing from a purple violin
All of it
So calming
Brings up memories
Ancient songs
Repeating chores
Forgotten activities

Mother waves to me
Stories full of notes
That smell of cinnamon and golden hair
So many faces here
Some of them strong
But mostly
Terribly thin

Rainbow wavers
It trembles
Unicorn’s coat looses shine
Kraken steals suns crown
Giving signs that fortell down

The curtain falls
The actor played his last act

Centuries shatter into ash
From its fumes life shall spark

He will merge with the soil
Another circle is being oiled