Abstrakt – balancing on the border of prog / post rock /metal.

Concept album Limbosis received high notes i.a. from 10/10 Guitarist Magazine, 9.5/10 Death Magnetic. It also appears in various portals, magazines and foreign radio stations (ie. Prog Core – Canada, Prog Britannia – UK, Empire Magazine – Germany, Tzertzelos – Greece). Abstrakt’s videos were played in total ca 17k times on YouTube and has ca 1k fans on Facebook.

 “Imagine the world where the gloom, dread and heaviness clashes with the beauty of melodies and sounds. In the darkness, where the stage is illuminated by visualisations, Abstrakt will take you to the world you have never been to…”

Abstrakt is:

Krzysztof Podsiadłoedit kp

Jakub Puszyńskiedit jp

Michał Fiałkaedit mf

Maciej Dadosedit md


Filip Słowiakowski


74 minutes of Limbosis album depicts several stories, which bring the whole album together. Nameless main character, awaken from his sleep, falls into the nightmare. He got kidnapped by white-eyed bus driver on a journey through his weaknesses, instincts, defense mechanisms – basically through his limitations. With each stop further barriers are being overcome, in order to see the things as they are. In order to bring human awareness over brute “action-reaction” nature.